fetchFeaturedPlaylists(): Promise<IPlaylist[]>

Returns list of playlists, which are currently marked as featured on spinamp.

fetchPlaylistById(playlistId: string): Promise<{playlist: IPlaylist[], playlistTracks: ITrack[]}>

Gets playlist by provided playlist id. Returns playlist object and list of full tracks belonging to this playlist.

fetchCollectorPlaylists(collectorAddress: string): Promise<IPlaylist[]>

Returns list of playlists created by user with provided address.

createPlaylist(playlist: Omit<IPlaylist, 'id'>, signer: Signer): Promise<{id: string}>

Creates a new playlist and returns the playlist id

An ethers signer object is required for API authentication

  const wallet = ethers.Wallet.createRandom();
  const vibeyPlaylist = {
    title: 'vibey',
    trackIds: ['ethereum/0xd5b2c770dc0a9677cf672d53f554f6f806e75e07/1'],

  const {id} = await createPlaylist(vibeyPlaylist, wallet);

updatePlaylist(id: string, playlist: Partial<IPlaylist>, signer: Signer): Promise<{id: string; title: string: trackIds: string[] }>

Updates a playlist and returns the new values

Only the signer that created the playlist is able to update it

  const wallet = ethers.Wallet.createRandom();
  const vibeyPlaylist = {
    id: 'kfF8MuFHmW6MwHIWNKQF',
    title: 'super vibey',
    trackIds: ['ethereum/0xd5b2c770dc0a9677cf672d53f554f6f806e75e07/1'],

  const playlist = await updatePlaylist(, vibeyPlaylist, wallet);

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