fetchAllArtists(params: IApiListQueryParams): Promise<IApiListQueryResponse<IArtist>>

If no params are provided, returns list of all artists existing in the database. Params can be used for pagination, filtering and sorting

Allowed properties for filter and orderBy params can be found under allTracks query on spinamp pipeline API documentation:

fetchArtistById(artistId: string): Promise<IArtist | null>

Returns full artist object based on artist id or null if such id doesn't exist.

fetchArtistBySlug(slug: string): Promise<IArtist | null>

Returns full artist object based on track slug or null if such slug doesn't exist.

fetchArtistBySlugOrId(slugOrId: string): Promise<IArtist | null>

It first tries to find an artist using provided param as slug. If not found, then it tries to find by id.

fetchArtistByIdOrSlug(idOrSlug: string): Promise<IArtist | null>

The same as above, but it first tries to find artist by id.

fetchArtistTracks(artistId): Promise<ITrack[]>

Returns list of full tracks objects created by provided artist.

fetchArtistWithTracks(idOrSlug: string): Promise<{artist: IArtist | null, tracks: ITrack[]}>

Returns both full artist object and artist tracks list based on provided slug or id.

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